Omnichannel Commercial and Marketing Strategies
for All Industries

Marvesting’s expertise covers a multitude of sectors such as high-tech, food, fashion, health, automobiles, and many others.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of market trends and consumer behavior, the Group is able to adopt a personalized and omnichannel approach in each of the areas in which it operates.

Sales forces
Adapt commercial pressure to your challenges.
Merchandising & POS services
Increase brand visibility
Customer experience
Maximise touchpoints
Digital retail
Offer tailor-made digital experiences
Direct sales
Create a relationship with the end consumer
Exclusive certification and training programs

The Digital DNA of Marvesting

Digital occupies a central place in the strategies deployed by the Group.

Since 2013, Marvesting has been advising brands and retailers on their digital strategy to gain more market share.

The Group’s commitment to the evolution and adaptation of new technologies allows it to stay at the forefront of the latest digital trends (live shopping, personal shopping, metaverse, etc.) to anticipate the future needs of its clients.

An in-house digital agency that offers innovative solutions to its clients.

Marvesting has its own digital agency, Demooz.

The Group operates on two fronts: the digitization of sales forces for brands (retail media, augmented seller) and the development of community strategies (influence, verified reviews, UGC, etc.) to maximize in-store traffic.

Digital responsibility is a value that the Group and its subsidiaries share, placing the protection of privacy and data security at the heart of digital practices. In addition, Marvesting constantly seeks to minimize its environmental impact by adopting eco-responsible approaches in its digital activity.

Business Intelligence:
Turning Data
into Action to Optimise Performance

A strong emphasis on data to shape impactful strategies.

With its Business Intelligence (BI) department, the Group can collect, analyse, and make information visible to optimise decisions and continually improve the performance of implemented actions.

Innovative tools to act quickly and increase your ROI.

Our BI service is equipped with marketing decision support tools that process data in real time, offline or online via visual and aesthetic interfaces.

Thus, Marvesting provides its customers with a clear and intuitive interface to better understand the environment in which they find themselves.

Sourcing at the Service
of Performance

Over the years, Marvesting has developed a comprehensive ecosystem to support recruitment, attracting a wide variety of profiles through collaborations with various job boards.

The Group is also equipped with an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a sourcing tool that ensures a smooth and efficient candidate journey.

Lastly, Marvesting places importance on collaborative sourcing by encouraging employee referrals. Through this approach, international coverage is ensured by leveraging European subsidiaries.

Training: Developing
Skills for Increased

Innovative training solutions support the development of the Group’s employees, which considers increasing skills as a real performance lever and a CSR issue.

Our teams create effective and engaging training programs that provide meaning and expertise to all those who benefit from them.

Training is a priority and a responsibility that also helps strengthen corporate culture.

Marvesting, a Recognised Partner

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