The Group's CSR commitments
towards a responsible future

Marvesting attaches great importance to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and firmly believes in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives for the future of its activities and its objectives.

These issues are anchored in the Group’s culture and taken into account by all stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and investors.

CSR is also a major competitive asset for attracting and retaining the most qualified and committed talent.

CSR at Marvesting,
a Group dynamic
for over 7 years

At Marvesting, CSR is not just an isolated initiative but an integrated approach and mindset that has been guiding all actions for over 7 years. Marvesting is committed to placing CSR at the core of its strategic decisions to shape a more responsible future, where actions will have a positive impact on employees, clients, communities, and the planet.

Marvesting's CSR approach
is based on four
fundamental pillars:

Offering Innovative and Responsible Solutions to Clients:

Providing sustainable solutions that contribute to their responsible growth.

Reducing Environmental Footprint:

By accelerating the transition to a low-carbon company and adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Making a Positive Impact on Communities:

Acting as a catalyst for integration through employment by promoting equal opportunities and diversity.

Nurturing the Growth of Women and Men in the Group:

Fostering the personal and professional development of employees to help them reach their full potential.

Our objectives



the Ecovadis label and aiming even higher.

Engaging and raising awareness among the Executive Committee (COMEX) and all employees

Adopting strong sustainability policies and practices

Ensuring transparency in our communication



pay gaps.

Achieve an equality index of 94% by 2025.



employee well-being
at work.

Improve the quality of work life (health, safety, etc.).

Develop the skills of our employees. Evaluate employee satisfaction.



the Group’s
carbon emissions.

Reduce our carbon emissions by 7.5% in 3 years.

Optimize the number of kilometers traveled.

Electrify our vehicle fleet.

Raise awareness about eco-friendly practices among employees.

Our distinctions

« Sustainable development is the lever of performance today and tomorrow. That’s why Marvesting is committed to respecting human rights within our company and among our suppliers, eliminating discrimination in employment and profession, preserving the environment, and fighting against corruption. To go further, we wanted to give more meaning and ambition to our activities and professions through the definition of our purpose: ‘Accelerate sustainable growth’ »

Anne Vaquier,
Commercial Director and CSR Governance